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Regulations allowing more digital billboards advance despite concerns of legislative panel

Marlene Grissom, president of Scenic Kentucky, said she left Tuesday's meetng thinking the Transportaton Cabinet had more work to do on the regulatons.

“We learn today that we were misinformed,” Grissom said. “It's all very disappointng.” She said her group will try to educate the legislature's Transportaton Commitee about the regulatons before it considers them at its Oct. 6 meetng.

Read Lexington Herald-Leader’s 9/9/2015 coverage at this link.

Proposed regulations would let companies erect digital billboards, cut trees along Kentucky highways

Read Lexington Herald-Leader and Louisville Courier Journal coverage at this link.

Read Scenic Kentucky’s testimony presented at the May 22nd public hearings before the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet on the draft changes to the cabinet’s administrative regulations here.

Take Immediate Action: Tell your state legislators that you oppose more billboard blight in Kentucky. Enter your zip code to contact your politicians.


Download the Fall 2014 Scenic Kentucky Newsletter. (PDF)

Two Studies Find Billboards, Particularly Electronic, Are A Roadside Hazard (PDF)

Midway Earns Scenic Kentucky’s Community Excellence Award

Paul Bergmann presented Scenic Kentucky’s “Award for Community Excellence”, in the Chamber of the Kentucky House of Representatives, to Tom Bozarth, Mayor of Midway, after being recognized in session by Rep. James Kay, on March 25, 2014. The award recognizes the outstanding effort in the successful redevelopment of Midway's downtown district.

Download the Scenic Kentucky notes for media - Spring 2014 (PDF)

Download the Scenic America Billboard Fact Sheet - Spring 2014 (PDF)

Billboard Liability Possibility 
A recent article on the Scenic America website talks about several studies, one is a Swedish study concerning digital billboards.  The article notes new research by Austroads, the Association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities, which says that "it is likely that movement or changes in luminance on a sign (LED type signs) will involuntarily capture a drivers attention".  The article goes on to note that if this "attentional capture" results in an accident, the advertising company could be found liable.  In conclusion and more specifically: "An Australian legal expert has said outdoor advertising companies could be found liable if a driver caused an accident and blamed the incident on a billboard.  Digital billboards are designed to distract drivers and outdoor advertisers are "defenseless" against claims of doing so, said John Voyage of the law firm Maurice Blackburn."


Download the current Scenic Kentucky Newsletter - Fall, 2013 (PDF)
Scenic America Complaint Press Release - January 23, 2013 (PDF)

Scenic America Complaint regarding Federal Highway Beautification Act Talking Points - January 23, 2013 (PDF)

See how Dr. Seuss teaches good signage in La Jolla, Calif. (5.7MB PDF)

Archived Scenic News

Scenic Kentuckys Resolution in Support of Metro Council Ordinance - relating to the Obstruction of Public Right-of-Ways by Objects, Structures, Street Furniture, etc.
April 4, 2012 (PDF)

The Rise of 'Visual Pollution' and the Fight to Stop It - The

March, 2012 (PDF)

Scenic Kentucky - 25 Years Later

March, 2012 (PDF)

OP-ED: Billboard bill flawed - Lexington Hearld Leader

February 21, 2012

Our Letter to the Editor - Courier-Jounal
January 1, 2012 (PDF)

Legalistic and Legislative Spring 2012 UPDATE
1) The two billboard cases that Scenic Kentucky was interested in were both squelched. A Bellevue Independent School District billboard permit request was denied by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) because it did not comply with local zoning. This denial was subsequently reversed by the Campbell Circuit Court. The KTC then appealed the Circuit Court reversal. Scenic Kentucky submitted an Amicus Brief in support of the cabinet's denial. On March 16th, the Kentucky Court of Appeals reversed the lower courts approval and upheld the KTC action denying the permit. It should be noted that the Amicus Brief wording, layed out by then Scenic Kentucky member Paul Whitty, was sited pertaining to the bad land use precedent it would create. Specificlly, the court included in its denial the contention that local governments and agencies might use such an (unwarranted) exemption from local regulations if upheld.

Several “Hell is Real” billboard type signs along I-65 in Larue and other counties were denied permits by the KTC. This group of signs was appealed to the Kentucky Supreme Court on grounds of religious freedom of speech - thus portrayed as not needing to comply with state permitting procedures and standards. Billboards must go through the state permitting procedures, which are content neutral. The Kentucky Supreme Court denied the property owner's attorney's Motion for Discretionary Review on Feb. 15th.

2) HB 226 (Billboard Visibility/Tree Trimming and Bush Clearing) -- Scenic Kentucky members have testified at committee against HB 226. It progressed to the House floor but has since been sent to another committee. Our lobbyist is currently working to keep it there and defeat it . HB 30 (School Bus Advertising) is on hold at a committee level pretty much from the beginning of the session. An earlier version was defeated during the last session. Both of these bills have not moved forward for a while. We will report back on there status at the end of the session.

Download the Fall 2011 Scenic Kentucky Newsletter - Fall, 2011 (2.7MB PDF)

Scenic Kentucky launches web site February 23, 2004.

U of L this exit

Progress doesn't have to be ugly

Welcome to Louisville 

A Good Idea

We have the right to preserve our scenic views, our quality of life, and our tourist economy by enacting strong billboard controls in Kentucky, After all, we own our beautiful commonwealth, not the billboard industry!

Read a model sign ordinance from the Scenic Michigan Web site.

In order to view and print some links on this page you will need the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Adobe Reader

Reasons to have sign ordinances

1. Maintain and enhance the aesthetics of our community.
2. Enhance pedestrian and traffic safety.
3. Limit the intrusion of visual messages.
4. Minimize the adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property.
5. Minimize driver distraction.
6. Encourage native plants and landscaping material.
7. Avoid excessive signage.
8. Protect and enhance the scenic views and natural landscapes.
9. Protect and enhance economic viability by assuring aesthetic appeal for tourists, resorters, visitors, and residents.
10. Promote the use of aesthetically pleasing sign materials and colors.
11. Avoid obstacles, distractions, or traffic hazards which impair a traveler's ability to see pedestrians, traffic signs, or vehicles.
12. Preserve the right to enjoy scenic amenities.
13. Preserve public health, safety, and welfare.
14. Enhance the effectiveness of necessary directional and warning signs.
15. Enhance air movement and natural light.
16. Preserve property values.
17. Provide for the effectiveness of permitted signs.
18. Reduce the blighting influence of signs.
19. Protect the night sky from stray lighting.
20. Avoid adverse lighting or reflection.
21. Require structurally safe signs.

Please help us preserve Kentucky’s irreplaceable scenic beauty.

Scenic Kentucky is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends entirely on your donations.

Send your contribution or donate using credit cards, PayPal or by check to help protect Kentucky’s unique landscapes from visual pollution.

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